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26 February 2024
Sustainability is the new talent magnet

The next generation of talent is looking for companies that can provide them with more than just an attractive package and fun perks. Driven by their strong values, their concern about our changing climate influences the choices they make, including about work.

In fact, more than half of Gen Zs and Millennials say they research a brand’s environmental impact and policies before accepting a job offer, a Deloitte survey found.

Forward-thinking companies are leveraging their workplace as an asset for attracting and retaining talent. Think of it this way: when a candidate comes in for an interview, they will no doubt dress to impress. But what impression does your office make on them?

Four in five FTSE100 businesses and 40% of SMEs are committed to Net Zero. And yet, according to Knight Frank, only 11% of businesses say sustainability considerations are the key influence on their real estate strategy. In that light, sustainability can be today’s secret advantage for businesses looking to get ahead of the game.

TBC.London, completing in summer 2024, is one of London’s first net zero operational carbon workspaces.

Our painstaking attention to detail on sustainability tells the stories you need to win the war on talent. From the way we have cleverly reused the existing building’s structure to save 6,365 tons of CO2 from being unnecessarily emitted (equivalent to 32 years of operational energy!). To the exposed steel beams that remind you of how we saved and reused 100-year old steel from the former House of Fraser on Oxford Street, an industry first. To the tiles you see day-in, day-out, made from the same biological process as coral, not fired in a kiln. Or the fact that we are 100% electric, fossil fuel free, and will have EPC A rating.

TBC.London is an exemplar building, designed for better business and a better future.

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