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16 May 2023
‘Pollution-eating’ paint used at TBC.London

Did you know that improved air quality enhances individual cognitive function by up to 61%?

That’s just one of the many science-based reasons why we have chosen to use an innovative paint called Airlite at TBC.London. We want the building to actively improve the health of the people who work here and those who live nearby, as well as visitors to the Tower Bridge area.

We will be painting the building’s interiors with Airlite paint, and as a first step, we have applied Airlite to the hoardings surrounding the construction site. This move will immediately start reducing pollution, improving air quality, and promoting better health and wellbeing for local residents surrounding Tower Bridge Road.

100 square metres of walls painted with Airlite is equivalent to planting 100 square metres of forest.

Airlite is a unique formulation. It acts as a natural air purifier, using semiconductor technology to generate electrical charges on the surface of a wall. These then combine with the water vapour and oxygen in the air to generate negative ions that neutralise the pollutants in the air as soon as they come into contact with the wall.

“Our mission is and always has been to tackle one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time in counteracting atmospheric pollution that contributes to the increase of global warming,” Antonio Cianci of Airlite, says, “We’re proud to have our Airlite paint at TBC.London and to be working with FORE Partnership, a firm whose values and mission for creating a better world, aligns with our own.”

We have previously used Airlite at our award-winning development, Cadworks, the first net zero carbon office building in Glasgow and are glad to have the opportunity to bring this innovation to London. We are excited to see the positive impact that the unique paint will have on the building and the people who work and visit here.

Set to complete in 2024, TBC.London will be 100% electric and net zero carbon in operation, with no fossil fuels used in running the property. The building is currently being transformed through a deep retrofit by our contractor Willmott Dixon. Using Airlite is one of many initiatives that we are undertaking throughout the construction phase, including inviting local school children to draw themselves as ‘Future Heroes’ for the site’s hoarding.

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